Autumn Fever and Precautions

Autumn Fever and Precautions

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Hay fever (allergic rhinitis), which is common during spring and autumn, can impair the quality of life for many people.

Allergic Rhinitis…

Allergic diseases can occur at any age, but usually begin between the ages of 1-20. The disease may have basic symptoms such as itching, watering, sneezing, bouts of sneezing, itching of the palate, cough and sore throat, desire to clear the throat, watery eyes and itching.

One of the most common allergic diseases, the disease affects about 20 percent of the society, reminiscent of the Otorhinolaryngologist Op. Dr. Coşkun Şanverdi explained that many people have allergic rhinitis every year.

Dr. Şanverdi said that an allergic rhinitis (such as pollen, animal hair, dust particles) in the environment was taken to the nose during breathing, and the sensitivity of the allergen to the inner surface of the nose showed itself as a result of a non-microbial inflammation in the nose.

Watch the pollen!

Contrary to popular belief, pollens are released into the air not only in the spring season but throughout the year, depending on the type of plant. Kiss. Dr. Coşkun Şanverdi said, ucu As a result of nasal congestion, when the mouth is breathing, it goes to the lung with the pollen dust coming from the outside and the foreign substances in the pole without air filtering. If it's cold, the lungs will get cold. Dusty air irritates throat. Dry air can dry the lungs and airways. Belirt

As a result of nasal obstruction, the breath taken from the mouth causes dryness and cracking of the lips, tension in the gums and dryness of the tongue. This may result in chronic pharyngitis. Untreated nasal obstruction may lead to bronchitis and other lung problems over time.

Coşkun Şanverdi said, temel The main method of treatment of allergic rhinitis is to prevent allergen. In pollen allergy this is not easy and cannot be fully realized. The most pollen flight in the morning between 05.00 and 10.00 hours should not be outdoors, masks that cover the mouth and nose should be used, the windows should not be opened when going to the vehicle, glasses and hats should be used outside, glasses should be washed every day, should be consulted to the doctor against allergies ”.

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