Aquarius Children

Aquarius Children

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Making money is a priority for you for years. You threw away all the rule books and made progress. In 2005, health and diets were very important to you, but not in 2006. The next year's important, on the one hand 'compelling' titles, love and sociality. 2006 will be a great year for money and career, after 2005, when you've focused on improving yourself. Now, let's look at the developments that are waiting for you next year.

Home and family
The situation will continue to be the same in home and family matters. Already you will not need to focus on these issues. For now, the universe is not pushing you in any direction. So in 2006, your free will will play an important role in your elections.

If you're married, your partner may want to move into a bigger house than you do now, but you won't care! If you plan to make some improvements in the house, February 13-17 is the best time for this. There is a dynamism and changes in home and family life in 2006, although this is not a priority issue. But these will always come as temporary ambitions.

Love and social life
Love and social life have been a priority for you since the summer of 2005. This will continue in 2006 and even during 2007. In this process, your marriage or long-term relationship will be tested. Now is the time to see your partner 'as it really is'. Once you've done this, you'll know if you really want to go on with it. We are talking about a process that may not be very pleasant; some of you may get divorced.

On the other hand, some Buckets will rediscover their love with their spouse and settle on a more real basis. It can be said that you are in a period of 'weeding' in terms of love and social life.

Order and realism will come to the fore in your love life. You should know how to put your mind next to your heart in love relationships this year. Because 'heart' alone is not enough. Avoid hasty decisions in your relationships. Singles may need to review the concept of love in their minds, understanding that love is not just a 'free ride', but also brings responsibilities and burdens.

Those who are with a Aquarius can work hard to convince her love this year! 2006 is also a test year for your friends, where real friends will stay and others will be eliminated.

Finance and career
A career that hasn't been active for a while, is very strong for you this year. In general, you are in one of the best career years of your life. Salary increase, increased recognition in your profession and all such increases are highly probable. You know a lot of people in the right places, and you'll get the help of these social connections. Your participation in groups and organizations will improve your career. Important positions can be selected. Of course, all this will increase your self-confidence. Nowadays, your financial intuition is very good, you can earn by relying on your intuition. You've always been fond of your appearance, and even if you're not rich, you're usually dressed as rich. You have a model-specific feel. The effect you create on people can easily turn into an advantage in your earnings after a while. isfrom.

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