Your 8-year-old: In the classroom

Your 8-year-old: In the classroom

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Your 8-year-old now

Third grade curricula vary from state to state. Although it's hard to generalize about what your child will learn this year, the following concepts are among those that a child is ready for at 8:

  • sight-reading more words
  • understanding the parts of a book and how to use them (table of contents, cover, index, chapters)
  • reading a map
  • telling time (first to the half and quarter hours, then to the minute)
  • memorizing the multiplication tables
  • creating and reading simple graphs
  • learning to make outlines and drafts when writing
  • using reference materials (dictionary, atlas, encyclopedia)
  • using a computer for basic research
  • identifying locations on a map or globe
  • improving vocabulary and grammar
  • learning to write in cursive

Your life now

Don't rely on your child to apply his own sunscreen before going outdoors. Although your child is capable of putting it on, kids are notoriously skimpy sunscreen users. Some studies say that even adults use only half as much as they should.

Whether the lotion is in a spray or liquid form, be sure enough of it's applied to thoroughly cover the skin. Check for spots kids often ignore: behind the ears, the back of the neck, the tops of feet, and those hard-to-reach places on the back.

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