Organic food for mothers and babies

Organic food for mothers and babies

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Organic foods are very popular recently. There are now organic food shelves in the markets. There is even an organic food market! In this article, you can find out what you are curious about the recommended organic foods especially for mothers, babies and children.

We know that you prefer natural and healthy products while feeding your baby. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find unadulterated and hormone-free products nowadays. Even many fruits and vegetables that we think are natural are actually threatening our health because of pesticides and fertilizers. At this point, the most recent choice of parents is organic foods. Organic foods are defined as foods prepared with natural preservatives that are grown under natural conditions that do not contain harmful substances such as chemical drugs and hormones. Ege University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Child Health and Diseases Professor. Dr. Raşit Vural Yağcı, Organik Organic products with a logo and the certificate shown on demand (hormone-free product does not mean organic) are the most accurate and healthy products that should be preferred in baby nutrition. In today's world, where developed countries such as the United States discuss the necessity of organic nutrition in children aged 0-2 years, if we consider that foodstuffs are polluted, like many things, we should include organic foods in the nutrition of our children for healthy generations and their healthy dimaks. Yaklaş

Why should organic food be consumed?

Nutrition Specialist Contact filiz directly explains the importance of consuming organic food as follows: zararlı The harmful elements taken with food pass from pregnant and nursing mothers to their babies. For this reason, the health and future of the baby is jeopardized along with maternal health. Microorganisms, inorganic elements, chemical elements such as pesticides, insecticides, harmful additives in processed foods, inappropriate packaging materials, radioactive residues, hormones, toxic chemicals ejected from factories, which may cause many diseases including cancer, may cause many diseases. are factors. Foods and beverages named organic, ecological or biological are defined as health products that eliminate these risks. Organic products are the products that are kept under control at every stage from the field to the consumption, are certified and documented that no synthetic based chemical input is used at any stage. For pregnant and lactating mothers and growing children, which are considered to be at-risk groups in terms of nutrition, these products are even more privileged. It is of great importance for the society that mothers and mothers show the necessary sensitivity in this regard and include products that do not contain environmental pollution in their nutritional practices for the protection of their health and the healthy growth and development of children who will form the generations of the future. ”

Why Organic Farming?

Sinan Bilgin, General Manager of City Farm, organik With breast milk, the baby can pass 350 different chemicals, including pesticides, fertilizer components, hormones, synthetic food additives, hair dyes, creams and shampoos. In this respect, it is very beneficial for mothers and expectant mothers to eat organic foods for their children and for themselves. Organic fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, chemical dyes and other additives are not used during their cultivation and processing and are not genetically modified. Organic products are the product of a philosophy that aims to protect nature, returns what it takes from nature, ensures the continuity of agriculture and protects the interests of employees. Every stage of production is monitored, controlled and certified by independent organizations authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture.

About Organic Agriculture…

• It is audited at the stages of raw material, production and final product by independent authorized institutions where organic agriculture is produced and organic certificate is issued.
• There are 8 certification bodies recognized and appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture: BCS, Ceres, Ecocert, Ekotar, Etko, Icea, Imo, Skal
• Organic farming is controlled and approved by international independent auditing organizations.
• An organic product should bear the logo of both the inspection body and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the Republic of Turkey.
• In addition to low vitamins and nutrients in fruits and vegetables collected from ripening, ORGANIC products are rich in both natural and nutrient content.
• Raw materials (vegetables, fruits) produced by organic farming are much safer and healthier than groceries.
• Main Roads of General Directorate of Highways network, 1 Km. organic crop production can not be done on agricultural land.
• Heavy industrial plants, reactors, hydraulic and thermal power plants, mining operations, 3 km. organic farming is not possible

Where can you find products produced by organic farming?

Ecological Food Market
The Ecological Market opens every Saturday between 08.00 and 19.00 on Bomonti Street Lala Şahin Street. The market, which was opened under the leadership of the Wheat Movement, aims to bring pure and natural products to more consumers.

Milupa Jar Food
Milupa Jar Foods, "Organic Farming" with one jar of baby food is produced in Turkey. 'Organic farming' and the vegetables and fruits grown by sterilizing without adding any additives to cause the deterioration of the bacteria are killed and sealed under vacuum.

City Farm Stores
Providing an alternative lifestyle with natural and qualified food products, City Farm carries the pure, natural taste of nature to the city life with its healthy organic flavors. CITY FARM, which has stores in Etiler, Çiftehavuzlar, Yeniköy, Ataköy and Akatlar MKM, also offers organic products for sale in Careffour, Gima, Champion. City Farm also offers a “free shuttle ere to homes. CITY FARM stores and; When the membership form on the website is completed, Organik Eve Organik ”membership begins. Orders received on Tuesday every week from 0212 345 03 60 until 12:00 are delivered free of charge to the address on Wednesday. Payments can be made in cash or by credit card at the time of delivery.


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