15 non-candy Easter basket ideas

15 non-candy Easter basket ideas

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These days, many parents are trying to reduce their family's sugar intake, and while the stores are filled with pastel eggs, chocolate bunnies, and your favorite marshmallow Peeps, it's not hard to aim your child's Easter basket away from full sugar rush. With that in mind, why not try these non-candy Easter basket ideas this year?

Baby Easter basket ideas

I'm always a fan of practical gifts, and Easter baskets are no exception. Fill that basket with things your baby will use day in and day out. The ezpz brand makes pretty pastel-colored bowls, all-in-one placemats and plates, cups for tiny hands, and tiny spoons and other utensils that work great for your child's first foray into feeding themselves. My big kids love using the tiny cups next to the bathroom sink, too. And you can never go wrong with Super Magformers, which are bigger versions of the magnetic building tiles we all love.

  1. ezpz Tiny Bowl (
  2. ezpz Tiny Cup (
  3. Magformers Rectangle (Amazon)
  4. Edushape Musical Egg Shakers (Amazon)
  5. Sunny Bunnies Bunny Blabbers (Walmart)

Toddler and preschooler Easter basket ideas

When I was a kid, my Easter basket always had bubbles, so for my kids, I got some long-lasting ones and added the rubber ducks – they certainly play well with the bunnies and chicks, and these are unlike any rubber duck you've seen before. They can't grow mold, and they come in super cute characters. My kids are obsessed with them, and we use them in the bathtub and outdoors at their water table.

  1. Gazillion Bubbles Mini Hurricane (Amazon)
  2. Pirate, Mermaid, and Shark (and more!) Rubber Ducks (Wild Republic)
  3. Play-Doh Spring Eggs (Walmart)
  4. Green Toys Elmo Watering Can and Activity Set (Amazon)

Surprise toy Easter basket ideas

Kids are more and more obsessed with any toy or activity that has a surprise element. All of these options are $8 and under and sure to keep your child's attention as you wait at the doctor's office or on longer car rides.

  1. Tonka Tinys Blind Box Vehicles (Amazon)
  2. Mash'Ems Wear'Ems (Walmart)
  3. Pomsie Poos (Walmart)
  4. Grumblies Miniacs (Toy Wiz)
  5. ZooBalloos (Amazon)
  6. Hairdorables Pets Series 1 (Amazon)

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