Calcium Storage Yogurt; Here's the recipe!

Calcium Storage Yogurt; Here's the recipe!

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I have made baby yogurt with hammm yogurt set!

Dietitian Beyza Uyan Says; Calcium needs every growing baby! Yogurt is a very good source of calcium. You can start your home yogurt as a first nutrient in the transition to supplementary food. You have met our practical yogurt set? Thanks to this set, yogurts are more delicious and practical!
  • 2 lt pasteurized milk
  • 1 Pack yogurt yeast
  • HAMMM yogurt fermentation set inside the saucepan, boil for 5-10 minutes by stirring pasteurized milk.
  • Leave the milk in the saucepan at 45 degrees (up to the heat your finger will resist) until the fermentation temperature.
  • Place probiotic yogurt yeast in a bowl and place two scoops of milk on top. Melt with stirring.
  • Add the yeast to the saucepan by stirring.
  • Close the lid of the pan. Wrap the pan on the cover that comes out of the HAMMM yogurt set. Leave to ferment in a warm place for 6-8 hours.
  • Remove the fermented yogurt into the refrigerator.

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