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All About Baby Bath

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Many parents babies in the first bath may have some difficulties…

Because they don't know exactly how to wash their little babies or how the water should be warm. But don't worry, this article will explain the baby bath, which is a puzzler for you, with both videos and articles!

Although this process may seem difficult at the beginning, many parents spend time in the bathroom with their baby after learning and getting used to it.

Baby Bath

The mother and father, who are seeking answers to questions like mu Is the temperature of the water and the room suitable? ”,“ How should I choose a shampoo? ”,“ How many minutes should I wash? This makes the bath time stressful, which should be enjoyable.

However, with some small tricks you can turn the bath clock into a feast.

Let's start by answering the questions you have in mind about having a baby bath:

How long should the bath water temperature and bath time be?

First of all, you need to know that babies like water that reminds them of the environment in the womb. However, they do not have enough protective oil layer on their skin yet they get cold easily. In this respect, it is useful to pay attention to the temperature of the bath water.

The temperature of the bath water should be 36-38 degrees and the room temperature should be 22-24 degrees.

You can measure with your wrist or use a thermometer to see if the water has reached the proper temperature. Baby room thermometer can be your biggest helper.

Bath time is 5 - 6 minutes is considered enough. After your baby grows a little longer you can keep the bath time.First of all, there will be many products you need when taking a bath, no doubt, you can start to review baby bath products here: //www.e- / baby-bath-products-c4042 / After taking a lot of bath space, you can easily remove the folded baby baths is for you! Click here to view plus folding baby bathtub: //www.e- / baby-plus-foldable-baby-toilet

Babies bathed in bathtubs with a section made of mesh or other material, have a much more pleasant bath in a semi-sitting position and without the risk of slipping.

Such bathtubs also offer mothers the opportunity to wash their babies more comfortably. The bath net provides great convenience for parents when the baby is not sitting yet.

Depth of water in the bathtub It should not be deeper than 10 centimeters. Although the water appears to be shallow, it will be sufficient to wash your baby. You should even be careful, as the depth of the water can pose a risk to your baby.

Is the baby washed before the umbilical cord falls? The answer to this question:

How should a baby shampoo be preferred?

Since the tear secretions of newborn babies are underdeveloped, it is necessary to use shampoo that does not burn eyes.

It is also beneficial for you to choose products that combine hair and body shampoo to keep your baby from getting cold during the bath.

Tips for easy washing your baby:

The bath relaxes your baby by creating a massage effect. Relaxing and more peaceful baby sleeps more comfortably. Since the growth hormone is provided during sleep, bathing also contributes to the indirect growth of babies. So it is very beneficial for your baby to take a bath every day, if possible, quite often. Keep in mind!

Before Washing Your Baby

Before you wash your baby, there are some things to look out for.

Here are the preparations you need to make before the bath:

  • Always wash your baby when hungry or at least 1.5 hours after feeding.
Because when you wash with a full stomach, you can pressure the stomach and cause it to vomit.
  • Warm the cold water by adding hot water. Check the water temperature with your elbow.
  • Keep your products ready in advance.
  • Always place a towel or bath net in the bathtub to prevent your baby from coming into contact with the hard floor.

Washing Your Baby

  • Start the washing process from the body. Wash your head last. Because babies lose their heat quickly, may cause your baby to feel cold.
  • When washing her head, make sure she is on her face and that no water gets into her ears.
  • Have an assistant with you during the bath.
Remember, if one of you is holding the baby and the other is washing, the bath will be less stressful for you.
  • If you are the only one to wash your baby, always hold your baby with one hand to prevent your baby from slipping in the bathtub.
Keep all items you will need during bathing, such as shampoo, soap and towels, and never leave your baby alone.
  • You can sing songs to your baby during the bath, you can entertain him with foam.
  • If your baby is crying during the bath, it can be a great idea to keep him entertained with bath toys!
Keep all items you will need during bathing, such as shampoo, soap and towels, and never leave your baby alone.

After Washing Your Baby

  • Always have 2 towels to dry.

After drying the baby's body with the first towel, keep it wrapped with the second towel until you dress your baby. Because the wet towel that absorbs the water in your body causes your baby to chill and lose heat quickly.

  • Before the dressing, massage your baby with baby oil and help your baby develop and strengthen the bond between you.

Safety Measures to Take While Bathing Your Baby

  • Never leave your baby alone in the bathroom, even for a minute. Therefore, prepare all the materials you need, such as shampoo, towels, soap, and keep them nearby. If the phone or door rings and you need to open it, wrap your baby in a towel and do not leave it alone.

  • Keep the door of the bathroom or the room where your baby bathed. A slight breeze may cause the air to cool.
  • If you wash your baby in a bathtub, do not place it in the bathtub with the faucet open. Flowing from the tap The temperature of the water may suddenly cool down or be very hot.
  • If you have a toddler who can stand up, place a non-slip protector under the bathtub or shower tray so that it does not slip in the shower.
  • You should keep the doors closed while your baby is in the bathroom. You should also keep the toilet seat cover closed when your baby starts crawling or even walking. With these simple precautions, you can prevent your baby from falling and injuring.

  • Do not fill the cuvette more than 10 cm inside, this is important.
  • Do not use bubble bath when washing your baby. The skin is very sensitive and can be damaged because it is thin. It is also difficult to control it between the foams.
  • Since the heat loss in babies is faster in the head area, it is better to wash the baby's body first and wash the head last.
  • Make sure that the washing time does not exceed 10 minutes. For slightly older infants, the period may be extended, especially in the summer.
  • If your baby is too small bath net it will be easier for you and you will also take precautions against the risk of your baby slipping.

  • You can also attach a stopper to the taps as long as your baby is in the bathroom.
  • Used in the bathroom all electrical appliances need to be kept outside the bathroom. You can prevent unwanted accidents by keeping them out of reach of a baby in its infancy.

Bathing with your baby can also be a fun activity for you. If you take the above suggestions into consideration, you can have a nice bath time with your baby.

You have twins? We also recommend that you read our article on how to bathe twin babies.

If your baby was born prematurely, you may have the question nasıl How should a premature baby bath be?,, Our specialist answered for you:

We told what we will tell anlat

All that remains is to say, ıh Let's be healthy!.

Good health!


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