Which series are you mother? - Turkish Native TV Series

Which series are you mother? - Turkish Native TV Series

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What is the definition of happiness for you?

Happiness = SerenitySociality is the happiness of family and health! It is the absence of fight and tension amak Not to be ashamed, not bored, a life of forehead ak

How do you treat your son?

He / There is nothing I will not do for them üler I laugh with them, I cry, they are my life partner… I am full of love but I am the controller i Sometimes I act a little prescriptive. Ür I think of their well-being as a mother should be.…

How do you see yourself in your relationship with your partner?

Unfortunately, sometimes I can feel weak ... I am peaceful, happy, full of love! I feel equal! 🙂

What would you do first if you had a magic wand?

I would do things to make the unhappy people smile! A quarrel-free, unquestionable, peaceful environment!

The debate begins in an environment of children, what do you do?

I'il think of the kids, I'il shut up. It is imperative that we solve this as a family… Either I send the children in or the people who discuss it go elsewhere… I fight the Cümbür community! I can't see anyone, I swear.

What would it be if you had a superpower?

My patience jim My energy and my smiling face! Üm My control and management! I'm also an excellent listener… Which series are you mother?

Without my children asla Aliye was a series that has been engraved in our minds with its generations, although the effect has not diminished over the years. Aliye fed A devoted mother who confronts the difficulties she has never faced, our mothers… Good luck you are!

There's no one who doesn't remember the smiling face of Betus, is there? Bet Although he possessed magical powers, he had conquered our hearts by trying to find solutions not only by these methods but also by methods like sıradan ordinary insanlar people. He had taught this song to a generation with his good intention, sincerity and warmth. Ihirli Pink dreams, white dreams The truth is now our Fairy with my mother, father and us… Life is colorful, days are candy 🙂 One who laughs at home As if he is one of us Both true and fairy He came from the land of fairy tales… All mothers are magic but ours is a fairy! "Children Don't Hear - MELTEM

Meltem, engraved in the minds of us with hepimiz Haluk, the kitchen! Şüphesiz was a prescriptive and authoritarian mother biri One of her red lines was not to fight with her children. You are a mother who likes being in the center, controlling and focused on education Meltem, you are in our hearts. Sıdıka - SAFİYE SAKA

"Come in, go back to your knees in front of the girl Sıdıka! Your mother sees your father hears the beating girl Sıdıka ..." Yes, one of the members of the Saka family saying these words Safiya Sakaydı… 🙂Safiye Saka sometimes succumbed to the pressure of the neighborhood, and sometimes a woman who fallen into the community expects him, sometimes he is a very, very good listener… Do you remember how important Sıdıka's turquoise and urgent marriage was for him? 🙂

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