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Effects of Violence on Children

Effects of Violence on Children

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Nowadays, the negative psychological effects of child tattooing on children are now known.Psychologist and Special Education Specialist Bihter Mutlu Gencer, it describes how harmful the disciplinary practices, which are described as “tapping ne by some parents, are also harmful to the child's psychological development.

In the past, beating children was a natural part of parenting. The beating that was thrown at the child was accepted as çıkma getting out of heaven Gerek whether it was applied by parents at home or by teachers in schools. Today child tattooWe call it “physical abuse ki, which is known to have negative psychological effects on children (or any person practiced). However, some parents are going to follow disciplinary practices which are called nit tapping “. Indeed, we can hear quite surprisingly the following sentences from some people who have had children willingly and planned, have a high socio-economic level, are themselves educated, and “I swear to God I've pissed me off so much that I put one down on your butt…“ especially when he behaves in a way that will harm him, I hit him twice to tell him that it is harmful, but without pain acPsychologist and Special Education Specialist Bihter Mutlu Gencer, “These disciplinary practices, which are thought to have no psychologically negative effects, perhaps because they do not physically harm them, are in fact serious erroneous parental attitudes,” warns parents.

Don't give the wrong message

One of the things we want to teach our children in this life should be how to control our impulses of anger. Of course, it is not possible to teach by hitting the action personally. Bihter Mutlu Gencer says, tek The only thing we teach our children with this behavior is that it is acceptable behavior. Ğı For children, the elders are especially true of their parents, which they see as the epitome of righteousness, and they grow and develop by imitating their parents. A girl is eager to wear her mother's high heels; a boy sees his father shaving, and he begins to play shaving. Of course, as in these examples, children begin to imitate their percussion behavior. He uses it in his games, and then realizes it in his friends or siblings, especially those who are younger or weaker than himself, just as his parents do… so behavioral problems can arise. “This child never gets along with his brother” begins, and if he goes to kindergarten or school, he may start to get labels such as “incompatible children, incompatible children”. Social difficulties can chase each other for a child who has started life in this way. Of course it would be wrong to say that this scenario applies to all “slightly beaten” children, but there is always a high likelihood of this type of risk. ”

In addition, another message that children receive is that it is appropriate to solve the problems with brute force. According to research, children grown up with beatings use this method to raise their children when they become adults. So this cycle continues for generations.

Don't Shake Your Children's Confidence

Families to show love to their children child's self-confidence development know how important it is in terms of They may really be able to give that love. But occasionally, perhaps consciously, maybe they can not control themselves to hit "I love my child and I show him this love, occasional hit does not affect him at all". Bihter Mutlu Gencer “We call this a savunma defense mechanism of rationalization or justification psik in psychology. Erek He continues: ı They rationalize what they have done wrong. This defense may be true for some children. But children get a message that hurts themselves, and if the hitting behavior is full of anger, they get more than the message of love and stay in their minds longer. In life, such a message from their favorite confuses children, shakes their trust in parents. Therefore, their trust in life and people is also shaken, the floor they stand up to become slippery, they become helpless children who fear the authority. After all, everyone can do if their favorite things can do that.… On the other hand, their self-confidence and self-esteem are shaken. Because of course this kind of behavior is not done by smiling. Along with the hitting behavior, one of the other possible mistakes is the words used. For example, labels such as “you naughty, nasty boy,,“ look, I will leave you if you don't start behaving rightly ”; “Look, I never love you again, I'm your mother sözler is added to the shootings of the child is of course more destructive. Just as the people around him, especially the children's parents, perceive him as he is. Also, the biggest mistake in raising children is perhaps the ”message ği that can only be loved when it is a good child or not worthy of being loved. The child must grow up by digesting the fact that he will be loved by his parents at all times and in all circumstances, but that some of his behaviors may not be appropriate and that these behaviors will not be accepted but will continue to be loved. ”

In psychological terms, the beating is not heavy. Physically, the situation is no different. When the “light beating” method continues to be used, the child may become increasingly heavier as he can no longer be verbally controlled. It is difficult for the parents to realize at which point the hand setting is escaping.
Bihter Mutlu underlines that “there is also an ethical aspect“: bir A person's body, whether adults or children, belongs to him. Being a parent does not mean having the child's body and having the right to do what he wants. The child's body belongs to him. It is her natural right to use her in the most beautiful way. Teeny hands, feet, teeny bodies are to discover not to get shot. ”

Beating Is Not The Solution

No child deserves to be shot. There is always a method other than hitting to teach the truth. A truth can never be taught with a mistake. Ih If you are one of the hit parents, you should review your parenting methods, B says Bihter Mutlu. you may not know the child's periodic development or capacity; if the beating is mild, you might think it won't hurt; you may lose yourself too quickly, etc. So what you're going to do is simple: you can put an end to beating children right away and get professional help to improve your parenting skills. You too problems with your children mutual respect and love. ”

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