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What does a 4 month old baby do?

What does a 4 month old baby do?

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What does a 4 month old baby do?

  • He can lift his head 90 degrees while standing on his stomach.
  • He can laugh out loud.
  • It can follow an object held about 15 cm above its face along a 180 degree arc (from side to side).
  • It can hold its head in the upright position.
  • It can be rolled from one side to the other.
  • You can pay attention to objects as small as a grape.
  • He can scream with joy.
  • It can hold its head at the same level as its body when it is held by its hand.
  • It returns to the direction of sound (especially the voice of the mother).
  • When held upright may give some weight on the legs.
  • He can start sitting with support.
  • It can turn to sound.

Dear mothers, you should continue to breastfeed your baby during these months. Breast rejection may be encountered during these months. You should continue to breastfeed patiently without getting tired of your baby. Is my milk of poor quality? Isn't my milk enough for my baby? Such thoughts are useless to affect your milk negatively and to upset you. Think positively and give beautiful messages to the universe! 🙂

Only the first 6 months of breast milk is very important for the development of your baby.

Never use food if your doctor has not recommended it and does not think it should be fed. 4 months is too early to switch to additional food. We do not want to switch to additional food before 6 months.

For the damages of switching to additional food before 6 months, you can review our 6 month baby feeding article.

How Much Weight Should a 4 Month Baby Have?

A 4-month-old boy weighs 7000 grams and a 4-month-old girl weighs 6400 grams.

4 Months Baby Height How Many cm Should Be?

  • 4 month old baby girl height limit: 56
  • 4 month old baby girl height upper limit: 68
  • 4 months old baby boy height limit: 57
  • 4 months old baby boy height upper limit: 68

4 Month Baby Sleep

4 month old baby mostly 15 hours per day They sleep. They sleep about 10 hours at night and 5 hours at daytime. As in the first months, they do not have frequent waking conditions. If they wake up frequently, we recommend that you consult your doctor.

You can read our iniz Sleeping Problems in Babies ”article for all the problems you have with your baby's sleep.

You can start his sleep training slowly, you can start creating routines before sleep. The ideal sleep routine for this period would be to massage her. You can make her sleep more easily by making massages to relax her with tiny movements.

4 Month Baby Games

This is the period during which your baby is socialized. You'll see that he's more curious and watches carefully. You can start holding a 4-month-old baby toy, so when you play with it, you have to let your baby extend and pick up the toys. Of course, these toys should be light enough to hold.

Well 4 month old baby toys What?

Play rugs can be one of the ideal toys in this period. It will support its reach and contribute to its physical development. You can make him play with his toys by lying on his face.

4 Month Infant Doctor Control

Although the approach of each physician in the controls may be different, we can say that in general this month's control will pay attention to the following.

  • Asking you, your baby and the rest of the family whether they have problems at home, about your baby's nutrition, sleep and general development.
  • Measure your baby's height, weight, head circumference and add to the developmental chart kept from birth.
  • Conducting general physical examination in which the previous problems were checked.
  • Evaluation of the development of the baby. The examiner evaluates the baby's head control, dexterity, vision, hearing and social interaction.
  • If your baby is in good health and there is no obstacle, second term vaccines are administered (DTB: diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis; OPV: polio; Hib: hemophilus influenza; Hepatitis-B: jaundice)
  • If your baby is breastfed, you will be informed about vitamin D supplementation and fluoride supplementation.
  • Information is given about the transition to solid foods.

If you're wondering when you need to switch to solid food, you can read our article geçiş Transition to additional nutrients in infants ”.

Shopping Advice - Buy

Your 4-month-old baby may be interested in all of the toys as they have improved grip and movement, but we recommend that you prefer soft toys to avoid damaging her face. You can find plush toys that you can find on ebebek, read other baby's reviews and buy them at reasonable prices.

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