Pregnancy diagnosis with hair strand

Pregnancy diagnosis with hair strand

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A three-centimeter of hair from a mother who is receiving IVF treatment can be interpreted by measuring the hormones in her body and interpreting whether she can become pregnant. This technique provides doctors with more reliable results than saliva, blood and urine tests.

Interfere with cortisol

According to the results obtained; Long-term cortisol levels were affected by lifestyle and diet, exercise, caffeine intake and stress had a very important role to affect reproductive outcomes. Scientists believe that infertility treatment results can be improved by reducing cortisol treatment.

No hair change daily

Ferti-Jin Women's Health and IVF Center Clinical Director, Gynecology, Obstetrics and IVF Specialist Op. Dr. Seval Taşdemir made the following statements regarding the measurement of cortisol level from hair: kort When cortisol is high in the last three months in the body, we can best detect it on the hair. Cortisol can also be detected in saliva and blood. But the blood doesn't seem to be high for the past three months. So if it only rises that day, it gives high results and misleads. It can also change daily. For example, when cortisol is lowest, it is midnight, and when it is highest, it is the first hours of the morning. These can be reflected in the saliva and blood measurements. The hair does not change daily. The most important point of analysis in the last three months is the strand. It is also easier for the patient to have it revealed by examining the 3-inch hair strand. According to the analysis of blood and saliva, it is much more comfortable for a person to give hair. ”

Negatively affects reproductive functions

Ferti-Jin Women's Health and IVF Center Clinical Director, Gynecology, Obstetrics and IVF Specialist Op. Dr. Seval Taşdemir, “Stress hormone in the body in recent years, the effect of IVF treatment in studies on the effect of cortisol hormone was found to play a decisive role. It has a negative effect on reproductive functions. In addition, high cortisol value decreases the chances of pregnancy, cardiovascular diseases, paralysis, diabetes, has been found to carry a risk in many diseases. Cortisol hormone can be detected from the hair, especially in vitro fertilization in terms of showing the chance of pregnancy is a very good study. I'm sure there will be new supportive activities in the future. ”

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