Concepts that will help you to know before pregnancy

Concepts that will help you to know before pregnancy

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Bleeding (Menstrual): All women have a certain physiological maturity
they begin to periodically from the moment they reach. This is seen
menstrual bleeding continues in the form of a cycle. This is the same every month
and continue to prepare for pregnancy. This regular period
bleeding, the inside of the uterus with the same order, constantly self
Refreshes. This is the case before pregnancy, from the moment of pregnancy
this situation changes completely. Menstrual bleeding ends when pregnant.

Gender: The sex of your baby will surely arise from no external factors and
certainly can not be effective in determining. The task of determining his gender, of course
There are two genes. Genes are meant as follows; determining the sex of your baby
The factor is the genetic material that the sperm fertilizing the egg carries. Sperm
if you have the X chromosome, your baby will be a girl,
If it shows that the male would be.

Which Birth
Occurs in Time: Pregnancy period according to your last menstrual date
It takes 40 weeks. If your period is regular, your birth date will be calculated.
is usual. If history is regular, too much in the birth of
no hitch. But if you do not have regular menstruation, at this point
The date he tells you is important. Of course, the birth of your doctor
you cannot expect it to occur on the exact date specified. The period in question
week or two weeks later.

Pregnant: ?: First day of menstruation and next day of menstruation
time is between 28 days. During this period, the egg matures
release on the 14th day. To be “custom” to this event in folk language,
“Menstruation”, olmak menstruation ”,“ menstruation bleeding
see, olmak to be menstrual ”is also called. Time between two
It does not necessarily have to be 28 days. This time may also vary.
During the period of ovulation, the possibility of becoming pregnant is quite
It is high. Once the egg has matured and released, it is fully alive for 24 hours.
Remains. 28 days of menstrual period, usually in the middle of this period of pregnancy
status is realized.


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