Green tea consumption before pregnancy

Green tea consumption before pregnancy

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Green tea consumption, cervical secretion
It increases the chances of pregnancy because it has an increasing feature. that
coffee drinkers during this period
can consume green tea.

According to some studies, green tea
in the first three months of pregnancy
He argues that it may have a negative impact on the development of the unborn baby.
More studies to reveal the benefits of green tea consumption in terms of overall health
however, they often overlook another fact revealed by the studies.
Green tea which is drunk enough to escape to the extremes in the early stages of pregnancy,
can reduce the absorption of folic acid in the body. This shortcoming is
it causes the risk of neural tube defect in the baby.

Pregnancy and first pregnancy
Folis acid is the only vitamin that has proven to be beneficial in the summer months.
No benefit of other vitamins taken has not been proven.
claiming that the vitamins taken more than the body needs
There are studies.

Trying to get pregnant and
Avoid using excessive green tea in the first trimester of pregnancy
It will be.

Deciding to conduct a research in Japan
folic acid levels of pregnant women and pregnant women
habits examined, as a result of consuming more green tea
In women, it was concluded that vitamin is low.

Another survey conducted in 2008
again, over-consumed green tea, reduces the absorption of folic acid
Is the direction. In this study, folic acid in healthy individuals divided into different groups
green tea, black tea and water
then folic acid levels were examined by taking blood samples. Result
folic acid in black and green tea drinkers
levels were low.

In fact, this study
According to the findings, not only green tea, black tea consumed too much in our country
also reduces the absorption of this vitamin.

Due to lack of folic acid,
2 of 1000 pregnancies in the world are experiencing noral tube defects. It is known
there is not a single reason. The only thing known is that folic acid is more
Is that block. Therefore, all organizations in the world before becoming pregnant folic
recommends the use of acid.

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