Menstruation after pregnancy

Menstruation after pregnancy

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after the first menstrual delay is normal. Something to worry about in this case
Because there is no menstruation after birth, it can be seen after 6 weeks. Some women
can last more than 1 year. Here is the time to consult your doctor
envelope is the end of the breastfeeding period. After breastfeeding is over
If your period is not seen, you should consult your doctor.

from birth
After the start of the routine menstrual process again, the conclusion of a long rest
coincides. It also needs to be a radical hormone change. Hormonal
it takes a long time to change.

When we come to how menstrual bleeding occurs in women, the situation is as follows:
is happening. If the woman does not breast-feed her baby after birth, her menstrual bleeding
starts at least two weeks later. But the first menstruation is mostly irregular
It is happening. First ovulation about 6 weeks after birth, approximately two weeks
weeks after the first menstrual period begins.

from birth
then the menstrual order begins to normalize during the second or third menstrual period.
Ovulation before the first menstruation, at rates of 20 percent and 30 percent
not happened. In some women, the second menstrual period is very short. But this
it's not something you need to worry about. When the third menstrual period begins
this situation is improving.

If you have had a caesarean section, your menstrual period is different from normal
Will not. If you have not had your period for 1 year after the end of breastfeeding
pregnancy test. Then menstrual supplement with hormone progesterone
is provided. However, if you do not menstruate a deeper examination path
To get there.

Does breastfeeding delay menstruation? Breastfeeding their babies after giving birth
We can say that women's menstrual bleeding is delayed for a long time. baby
In women who are not breastfeeding, menstruation starts earlier. This
we can say as a reason; When the breastfeeding process begins the nipples
affected and prolactin hormone elevation.

breastfeeding is done regularly, if the baby is breastfed regularly,
The follicles are withdrawn during breastfeeding. Therefore, the risk of getting pregnant is low.
The risk of regular pregnancy is not high.
Regular breastfeeding; Baby's 5 times a day on average 10 minutes
breastfeeding. In such cases, ovulation is suppressed and menstruation is delayed.

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