Harmful habits in pregnancy

Harmful habits in pregnancy

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This is a period in which mothers should pay the most attention to themselves. made
every movement, every food eaten, has a great impact on the baby's development
has. Most importantly, the harmful habits of the expectant mother during this period.
Drug use, smoking, alcohol, excessive caffeine, unborn baby
These are habits that can cause serious harm. Where pregnancy begins
from the moment, you have to remove these habits from your life.

During Pregnancy
smoking or inhaling cigarette smoke in the environment
stage, birth and development of the baby adversely. Cigaret,
reproductive function, baby losses, birth pains,
hypertension, poisoning in the baby, regression of the baby's development, sudden
infant losses, behavioral psychiatric side effects in children, intelligence
causes regression, asthma, death, cancer.

alcohol used in the process, to create unwanted conditions in the baby
depending on the amount of alcohol. Not to risk pregnancy
It is not recommended for mothers to drink alcohol at least. if
If the expectant mother considers alcohol before pregnancy,
cessation of alcohol, the risk of babies being affected by alcohol
It will reduce. Alcohol consumed during pregnancy causes miscarriage and mental retardation in infants
It is.

drug abuse is the biggest habit to avoid
It is coming. The effects of drugs on pregnancy
It can be listed.

What are the effects on maternal health?

AIDS, hepatitis, stroke, lung infections.

process: low, sudden infant death, development of the baby in the uterus
retardation, premature birth, different health in the life of the baby after birth

If you can not live without, you should reduce your consumption as much as possible. Coffee
nicotine contained in it causes loss of weight and birth around the head of the baby.
It can open. Low birth weight, the baby's own body temperature and some blood
makes it difficult to maintain sugar levels. Other problems related to this
can also come from behind.

in the meantime, remember that caffeine is not only available in coffee. Carbonated drinks, tea
and chocolate contains caffeine. Reduce your caffeine consumption
decaffeinated beverages. Brewing
Reduce the brewing time of hot drinks. Bag tea instead of a few minutes,
If you wait for just one minute in hot water, the amount of caffeine


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