Fun recommendations with your child

Fun recommendations with your child

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You may have to sit at home on holiday but you don't have to watch television. You can have fun with your child and contribute to its development by doing the activities we choose for you together with your child.

1. How do animals move?

Based on the footsteps and movements of the animals, this game that you will perform at home will allow children to learn new things about animals and enjoy moments with you or their friends.

Paper Bags
Gas pen
Pictures of various animals

• Make images of the footprint of an animal of your choice and cut it.
• Place them at different points in the house.
• Then ask your child, “Today there are footprints in the house that do not belong to us, who might have made these traces?”, Nasıl How did this animal move? ”.
• Show the animal pictures to your child and ask which animal may have made these traces.
• Then walk with your child in that way, imitating that animal.

2. Prepare a card for your loved ones…

With this activity, your child will prepare cards for their loved ones and learn how to send a letter.

Colored paints
Plain paper
Stamps and envelopes for every child
Home addresses

• Talk to your child about preparing and sending cards.
• Have your child prepare different cards using pencils, paints, and paper.
• Once you have prepared the cards, ask your child to put this card in the envelope and put a stamp on the envelope.
• If there is a post office near you, mail the cards with your child. You can even mail a card home and tell your child about this process.

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