Your child's first bike

Your child's first bike

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We all have a memory of the vehicle is the bike. When we talk about bicycles, some remember the report card gift, some circumcision gift, some remember the wound on the knee and some fear that he cannot ride bisiklet The bicycle continues to be a vehicle that we cannot forget despite the developing technology and the life that increases the speed. is being used, and continues to be indispensable for those who prefer to live healthy.

Of course, children can not remain indifferent to this beautiful vehicle and begin to ride from 3-4 years of age. You can evaluate these days of summer in order to introduce and teach your child this tool which plays an important role in child development, and you can share pleasant moments with your child in this process.

What should be done at the beginning?


For toddlers, the bicycle must have side support feet first. After the child rides with these supports for a while, the support legs should be raised 1-2 cm and the balance gap should be left. These feet should be removed when they start to find balance. If your child wants to learn to use directly; the pedals are removed, the seat height of your child's foot base is lowered to the ground. Child moves the bike by pushing himself with his feet. From time to time he starts to balance by lifting his feet, after the balance has been balanced, the pedals are reinstalled and the training is completed. The brakes of the bicycle should be checked by the parents from time to time. A bicycle that does not hold the brakes well will not stop in the event of danger and will cause distressing accidents. At the next stage, children should be provided with targeted education.

Some Rules for Children Starting Cycling…

1. Never let them drive on the main roads.

2. Prevent you from cycling in crowded environments and busy streets.

3. Tell your child to check the path before riding and cycling.

4. Remind him that he must obey all traffic rules in the area where he rides his bicycle.

5. Always emphasize that you should give priority to your own decisions when cycling. (He should not change his minds according to the wishes and decisions of his friends, he must do the things that come right to him.)

6. Your child should not withdraw his / her hands from the bicycle while driving, and continue to maintain control of the bicycle with at least one hand.

7. At night, you should not let him ride alone. (Even with light clothes!)

8. The most important rule is that your child should always ride a bicycle with his helmet. Please note that the helmet is the most important safety tool to use on the bicycle. Even if the child is one year old, a helmet should be worn. The most dangerous event in bicycle accidents is brain trauma.

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