Tooth brushing habit should be gained at an early age

Tooth brushing habit should be gained at an early age

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Children should be given the habit of brushing teeth at the age of 2 years when milk teeth are completed.Dentist Ömer Lütfi Koca, who stated that the first brushing habit should be given to children between the ages of 2-2.5 when the milk teeth are almost completed, continues with the following words: “Parents should brush their teeth in a controlled manner and 3-3,5 from the age of children to gain the habit of self-brushing. In order to make children love to brush their teeth, parents should also brush with them. Also; a monthly chart with visuals containing tooth shape should be created and an activity that the child will be involved with crayons should be done regularly under the control of parents. As a result of this activity, the child who fits the schedule and does not interrupt the brushing of teeth should be given a gift or a gift of his choice. ”
Brushing your teeth during the school year, should be made more attractive with educational visualsThe school term differs from other periods as a period of mixed dentition. Transferring the importance of brushing to the child during this period draws attention with the fact that it is an issue that should be emphasized by both teachers and parents. Ömer Lütfi Koca, who stated that the educational presentations and visuals prepared for this, is important in terms of providing the child with the habit of brushing in full, continues to convey his opinions on the subject as follows: günde Brush teeth 2 times. Children's pastes should be applied to their brushes the size of a lentil grain and brushing should be completed by applying circular movements on the teeth and applying them to all internal and external surfaces of the front and rear teeth. Due to the fact that milk teeth will change, some parents may not care about their care. However, milk teeth ensure the proper nutrition of the child, form the proper development of speech and provide a guide for the permanent teeth that will emerge as well as eliminating dental impurities. In our country, one of the most important issues in terms of oral and dental health is preventive dentistry. With the application of preventive dentistry in which our children will be included, generations with healthy teeth will be raised. To ensure this, parents should regularly take their children to the dentist every 3 months. ”

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