How is tooth stem cell treatment2 made with milk teeth?

How is tooth stem cell treatment2 made with milk teeth?

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From cancer treatment to nervous system diseases, from metabolic disorders to organ failure, stem cell, organ and tissue transplantation, which is the hope of many diseases, is successful. the final point in stem cell treatment is milk tooth banking… 5-15 Pedodontist Gözde Işıksa from Private Oral and Dental Health Clinicl says on the subject şunlar

What is a 'stem cell'? How are dental stem cells different from others?

Stem cells are the main cells that make up all tissues and organs in our body. These cells, which have not yet been differentiated, have the ability to divide and regenerate themselves and become organs and tissues. So wherever there is a need for injury or repair, they go there to become the required cell type and repair the damage. In recent years, which has come to the forefront and scientists have insisted on dental stem cells bone, cartilage, heart, muscle and nerve cells and tissues are important in terms of their potential to convert.

Which teeth stem cells are obtained from?

Stem cells obtained from milk teeth and twenty-year teeth in children aged 2 to 13 years can be frozen and stored in the “Dental Bank” for future use. Although each tooth is pulp, especially the upper anterior four and lower anterior four milk teeth and twenty-year teeth provide superiority in terms of stem cell viability.

What diseases can be treated with dental stem cells?

In many studies, stem cells in the tooth, heart diseases, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, paralysis due to spinal cord injury; it has also been shown to regenerate and regenerate connective organs such as cartilage, fat and muscle, as well as bone structure, tooth formation, gum and jaw diseases…

Why should we hide our stem cells?

In medicine, the number of diseases that can be treated with stem cell transplantation is increasing day by day. In this respect, the storage of stem cells is an invaluable insurance policy for the future of your family. There are very few situations in which people can take and store their own stem cells for future treatment. Storing the dental stem cell is one of these conditions.

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