Use of fever and thermometer in infants

Use of fever and thermometer in infants

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What are the types of thermometers for babies?

The normal body temperature in the baby's body is between 36-37.5 degrees. Body temperature above it is called high fever. A fever meter will help us to measure this temperature. During the day your baby's body temperature may rise and fall.
high fever, a very common condition in childhood and infancy, is a defense system reaction.It is not a disease of its own, but another symptom of disease.
may cause referral in children.

For the reasons mentioned above, it is very important to have a thermometer in a home with a baby.

Which thermometer should be preferred?

Ear thermometers; It measures temperature through the eardrum and the skin covering it. Adjusted for precise measurement the ear thermometers take 24 measurements in 1 second and show the highest of these measurements. Ear temperatures between 34 and 42.2 degrees Celsius.
Braun fever meter in particular. and Chicco thermometers shine in their fields with their expertise in this field, especially Braun Thermoscan thermometer ign 4520 is mostly preferred by parents.

Forehead thermometers; While measuring forehead, it makes temperature measurement over the artery passing through the temple and feeding the human head.Forehead thermometers auricular fever meters However, if you want to make a comparison between thermometers, forehead thermometers are more preferred than ear thermometers, Braun thermometers are more preferred than Chicco thermometers, and as mentioned above, especially Braun Thermoscan thermometers irt 4520 is in the top position in this area, ie in the choice of thermometer.

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